7 Different Lavenders from Provence

Compare and enjoy the difference and the similarity.

Fine (true) Lavender or population Lavender, called "Lavander fine" in France

5 ml Lavender Fine, Organic #125

5 ml Lavender Wild, SIMPLES, wild #175

5 ml Lavender Fine, DEMETER #8


Lavender, the species is also L. angustifolia, but the plants are propagated by clipping (cloning) as opposed to propagation by seed. These include some of the most popular Lavenders in aromatherapy, since they are less expensive than population Lavender and generally more intensely fragrant:

5 ml Lavandula angustifolia, clone Maillette #5004



5 ml Lavandula latifolia, (Spike Lavender) sea level Spain #124


Lavender called "Lavandin". The very popular Lavandin essential oils are distilled from hybrid species, resulting from cross pollination between Lavandula angustifolia (Fine) and Lavandula latifolia (Spike Lavender)

5 ml Lavandula x hybrida super, (Lavandin super) #5006 

5 ml Lavandula x hybrida grosso, (Lavandin super) #5007 

Please check individual descriptions for therapeutic properties.


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