Spirit & Emotion Blends

Discover our captivating Spirit & Emotion Blends, lovingly created in-house to heal painful emotions, enhance consciousness, open chakras, clear blockages, and evoke enduring feelings of joy, all infused with a powerful spiritual essence.

Collection: Spirit and Emotion Blends

Some of the synergies may seem unusual and that is on purpose. Julien wanted to introduce a new spirit to our aromatherapy combinations and in our opinion he was very successful. We are in love with the range of uplifting, exhilarating blends which all have a strong spiritual component.


Our intention with all of these blends is to heal painful emotions, enhance consciousness, open the chakras, clear blockages and elicit feelings of sustained joy.


Essential Oil components are an important part of the plant secondary metabolite universe. Their lipophilic and volatile nature allows them to be absorbed by various tissues in the human body. Because many of the oils and their components interact with the autonomous nervous system they influence many phenomena associated with spirituality and emotions.


We encourage you to take several deep inhalations directly from the bottle before applying the synergy to your body. Please see product descriptions for application and use.


Our test group received the new line with great enthusiasm and we hope you will as well!