Face & Body Blends

Our Face and Body Blends, rooted in classic French-style aromatherapy, are highly effective formulas with over four decades of proven results in regenerating and rejuvenating all skin types.

Collection: Face and Body Blends

Classic Blends of French Style Aromatherapy

Our Face and Body Oils are highly effective classic formulae to regenerate and rejuvenate every skin type. The blends can be used confidently as they have been tried and proven for decades without ever causing any undesired effects!

The Story Behind the Formulae

Original Swiss Aromatics Face and Body Oils have proven themselves to be some of the most valued blends in aromatherapy skincare over forty years ago. The blend for Sensitive Skin and Couperose, for instance features the impeccable balance of Helichrysum, Moroccan Chamomile, Fine Lavender and Roman Chamomile. The lasting success of these blends has contributed much to the appreciation for French Style aromatherapy.


The blends are intended for specific skin types, acute issues or for gentle luxurious maintenance. Just like the Therapeutic Blends the OSA Face and Body Oils accomplish a dual purpose. They are powerful regenerative agents which make grooming pleasant and refreshing. At the same time the presence of many essential oil components on the skin will effectively trigger an improved immune response.