About Us



Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt founded Original Swiss Aromatics and Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy in San Rafael, California in 1983 which establishes OSA and PIA among the very first Aromatherapy companies in the United States.

Kurt’s background in chemistry was an ideal foundation for establishing the groundwork for the form of medical Aromatherapy that we value today.

Kurt cooperated with NGO Klaus Dürbeck, working for UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) promoting global South South trade. The aim was to provide options for distillers in developing nations to find buyers for their oils beyond the fragrance conglomerates in Grasse and New Jersey. In this assignment Kurt was able to meet many distillers in far away places and establish a network of suppliers to later become the sources for OSA’s oils.

At the same time back in France, the heartland of aromatherapy Pierre Franchomme, Dr. Daniel Pènoël and Kurt established a loose alliance promoting scientific aromatherapy and supporting producers who distilled essential oils specifically for the Aromatherapy market with its requirement for authentic oils. Until then the perfume and fragrance industry with its very different requirements was the primary customer for distillers.

Through Original Swiss Aromatics we have been procuring and suppling highest quality essential oils directly from the producer for 40 years. The family run business offers a large selection of individual essential oils, highly effective therapeutic blends for many common ailments, face and body oils as well as blends for emotional and spiritual interests.

Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy offers courses, books and has organized eight international scientific aromatherapy conferences. These conferences offered an outstanding mix of presenters from within the field of aromatherapy as well as renowned international scientists covering science pertaining to the medicinal effects of aromatic plants. To this day these conferences represent an outstanding body of knowledge available through PIA in 8 distinct Proceedings volumes.

Monika Haas has been working and playing with over 200 different essential oils for almost four decades. She has been part of OSA and PIA, teaching Aromatherapy seminars, organizing and presenting at many international Aromatherapy conferences. She is the author of Quick Reference Guide to 114 Important Essential Oils. In 2011 she created the highly successful Modern Magic line of therapeutic essential oil blends.

Her motto is, Aromatherapy is a Lifestyle.


Julien Juillerat grew up with essential oils and has been using them since he was 9 years old. He has had many amazing experiences with these oils that has kept him bound to this day. Soaking up Kurt’s and Monika’s knowledge and doing various internships for distillers including one of the most prestigious producers in Corsica have allowed him to gain a great amount of knowledge in this field. Julien now is the operating manager, director of revenue, marketing and product manager for OSA. Julien also enjoys formulating contemporary blends such as the Spirit an Emotion series.