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Sinus Blend

Our Sinus essential oil blend has shown stunning relief for a large spectrum of symptoms. It can be used preventatively or to address acute and chronic conditions.

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Cold & Flu Blend

The multi-faceted approach of the included essential oils is to strengthen the immune and respiratory system, stimulating a profound cleansing of the lymphatic system.

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Essential Oils

Original Swiss Aromatics genuine and authentic essential oils are sourced by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt directly from our trusted producers around the world.

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  • Everlasting (Bosnia), Organic

    Everlasting essential oil has unrivaled tissue regeneration such as wrinkles treatment and scar healing.

  • Lavender, Wild SIMPLES

    Wild Lavender has a more complex composition than cultivated (‘population’) Lavenders.

  • Rosewood organic

    Organic Rosewood Essential Oil has uniquely gentle, almost divine fragrance.

  • Shiso Leaf

    Shiso oil is unique in its content of Perillyl aldehyde and Perillyl alcohol, components known for their antitumor properties.

Therapeutic Blends

The OSA Therapeutic Blends are formulated by Monika Haas based on the established knowledge and research of French Style Aromatherapy.

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  • Anxiety Blend

    Cape Chamomile oil, Hyssop decumbens oil, Ravintsara oil and Lavender oil combine to give a positive tonifying lift to the mood and nervous system.

  • Antiviral Blend

    A gentle antiviral essential oil blend used to address many potential viral challenges we encounter in today’s environment.

  • Headache Blend

    Easy to apply to temples, neck, and shoulders with a roll-on stick brings fast relief for stress-related headaches.

  • Sinus Blend

    Effective for a broad spectrum of upper and lower respiratory issues, viral and bacterial infections.

Face & Body Blends

Our Face and Body Oils are nourishing and rejuvenating formulae for many different skin types.

  • Azulen

    This is the perfect daily moisturizer essential oil blend, especially useful for dry and sensitive skin.

  • Brown Spots

    A beautiful, lush all around natural healer that over time will give your skin a radiant even tone.

  • Rejuvenation

    Antiseptic and regenerating blemish treatment for mixed skin. Provides a healthy skin tone.

  • Sensitive

    An everyday moisturizer for very sensitive skin; it reduces inflammations and rashes, helps control allergic skin reactions.

Spirit & Emotions

Our captivating Spirit & Emotion Blends, lovingly created in-house to heal painful emotions and enhance consciousness.

Diffusers in stunning finishes

Waterless Nebulizing Diffusers

Our Waterless Nebulizers bring a touch of natural elegance to your environment.

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