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Authentic Bosnian Helichrysum

Bosnian Helichrysum is esteemed for its outstanding healing qualities which arise from the unique composition featuring sometimes up to 20% of precious diketone components. (Different from Corsican oils which have a higher ester proportion and a lower diketone content, Bosnian oils have high diketone and lower ester percentages). The diketone components are credited with Helichrysum’s famous wound healing abilities.

With Helichrysum oil being such an international commodity sought after by large cosmetic manufacturers we have been working directly with our producers for over 30 years avoiding the detours through international trade.

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Everlasting from Bosnia sku 118 Everlasting from Bosnia sku 118

Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt founded Original Swiss Aromatics in 1983 as one of the very first Aromatherapy companies in the United States. Kurt’s background in chemistry was the ideal foundation to establish the groundwork for the form of medical Aromatherapy that we value today. Original Swiss Aromatics and Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy has so much to offer. Please see all our Genuine & Authentic essentials oils, blends and also the education section for Courses and Books.

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