About Our Artisanal Masterpieces Essential Oil Set

This is a set of oils that embodies the nature of truly authentic oils and in addition illuminates the origins of aromatherapy as we know it today. Most everyone associates the beginning of aromatherapy with the name Gattefossé and with Lavender.

Later authors like Daniel Pénoël and Pierre Franchomme based many of their discoveries and subsequent treatment protocols on the authentic oils of Provence. Lavender was brought to the plateaux of Provence after WW1 as farmers were looking for a cash crop. While Lavender was cultivated early on, most other oils were harvested in the wild from the aromatic meadows and slopes of Haute Provence by artisan distillers. Such wild plants growing in the higher elevations yield essential oils of unrivaled radiance. They carry all the unabridged healing information of the respective plant.

The Artisanal Masterpieces set combines some of the standard oils of aromatherapy as they are harvested in the wild in Haute Provence. Distilled by our friend Roselyne in her relatively small 1200 liter still these oils are not only precious, but instant rarities. We only have a few liters of each oil.

These oils are not only wonderful to use in aromatherapy, it is also great to save a bit as an authentic specimen for future reference or comparisons.

The Artisanal Masterpieces Set contains 5 oils all distilled from wild plants harvested in Provence

5 ml Lavender sauvage oil #175
5 ml Spike Lavender oil, wild #720
5 ml Common Pine oil, wild #4009
5 ml Cedarwood oil (Provence) #706
5 ml Rosemary camphor oil, wild #141

All oils from Provence certified SIMPLES

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We will offer essential oils which, to the best of our abilities to ascertain, are truly genuine and authentic. This means nothing has been added nor taken out.