About Our Cape Chamomile Essential Oil

Cape Chamomile essential oils is so precious and effective  in the treatment of emotional disturbances that one of our producers has compared it to gold.

The unusual combination of rare monoterpene esters make this essential oil a precious and powerful antidepressant, anti anxiety and nerve repair agent, ranging from neuritis to neuralgia.

Aromatic Notes

Powerful, floral/fruity aroma with soft spice and herbaceous, earthy undertones.

Direction Of Use

Topical use: apply topically diluted in a carrier oil or undiluted. Apply to heart, neck, bottom of the feet or wrist.

Inhalation: diffuse or inhale.

Benefits of Cape Chamomile Essential Oil: depression, anxiety, neuritis, grief, panic neuralgia, neuritis. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications, please consult with a qualified health professional before beginning any new herbal products.

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We will offer essential oils which, to the best of our abilities to ascertain, are truly genuine and authentic. This means nothing has been added nor taken out.


S. Africa


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Botanical Name

Eriocephalus punctulatus