Demeter Certified High Altitude Lavender

Lavender is a centerpiece of aromatherapy, a panacea for everyone seeking calm and serenity. This particular Lavender grows on the Plateau de Sault. Distillation at higher altitudes proceeds at somewhat lower temperatures than distillation at sea level. As a consequence the linalyl esters contained in the flowering plant experience less decomposition and also distill over at a higher rate. The resulting Lavender oil is gentle soft and floral. This Demeter certified Lavender is the most stupendously beautiful Lavender we have had in years.

Lavendar from Haute Provence

The Site: Haute Provence

This Lavender is distilled on the Plateau de Sault in the heart of Haute Provence. Sault is classic Lavender territory, where many visitors enjoy the old and rustic center of town with its Provencal food offerings. Also famous is the weekly market which attracts customers from all over the world.

Therapeutic Properties

There is a long list of therapeutic properties of True Lavender essential oil:

Not only is it a powerful antispasmodic oil, it is also sedative, antifinflammative and quite an effective analgesic. Lavandula angustifolia reduces tensions and is especially useful to ease stress, anxiety, worries, fear and out-of-range emotions. For insomnia and nightmares often a few drops on the chest and solar plexus can provide relief. A wonderful gift to parents and co-travellers Lavender calms babies and small children whose nervous system is in stress mode on the airplane.


In the context of relaxation Lavender can also ease stress related asthma and eczema. It speeds up the healing of stubborn blemishes and bedsores. In addition it protects, soothes and restores burned skin.


Another amazing quality of Lavender can be its detoxifying ability to neutralize mosquito bites, spider bites and we have even gotten amazing feedback about the recovery of dogs bitten by snakes.


Of course all these outstanding properties refer to True Lavender, Lavandula angustifola grown from seed. Hybrids and Clones are not quite as versatile.


One of many recommendations for a relaxing blend would be to add small amounts of May Chang, Frankincense and Mandarine or Mandarine petitgrain to the Lavender oil.

French Style Aromatherapy recommends Lavender, Exotic Basil and very small amounts of Peppermint and Sage for gynecological spasms.


#8 Altitude Lavender Certified organic by Demeter

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