About Our Vetiver Essential Oil

Vetiver from Haiti has always been the benchmark quality for this oil. Grown and distilled in Haiti; it is viscous with a beautiful, sumptuous and earthy fragrance. Among its many outstanding features, Vetiver offers immunostimulant properties, vein and coronary support.

Vetiver has classically been a base note used in many famous perfumes such as Vetiver by Guerlain, Vetiver Fatal by Atelier, or Gray Vetiver by Tom Ford. The complete oil is used as a fixative for classic perfumes bases such as fougère, chypre and also amber-aldehydic bases. It makes the fragrance last by its extraordinary sesquiterpenes expressing themselves in the dry down of the perfume providing richness and enduring character. Native to India and known as khus, it often strikes a very unique note with different individuals. Some find it exquisitely masculine while others perceive it to be calming, or even erogenous. A large part of Vetiver's appeal is its perfumistic value. 

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Vetiver from Haiti differs in many aspects from its Asian counterpart in that the roots appear as threads of different shades of blond, whereas Asian Vetiver is thick and dark with a rough earthy scent.


In 1999 a Dutch plant taxonomist named J. F. Veldkamp confirmed that there were no significant morphological differences between the genus Chrysopogon and the genus Vetiveria, derived from the Tamil word vettiveru (vetti = to dig up, ver = root). Since the name Chrysopogon had been used first, and based on the principle of botanical priority, Veldkamp reluctantly renamed all the grasses in the Vetiveria genus as Chrysopogon.

Therapeutic Properties

Vetiver oil is utilized as an effective immunostimulant in French Style Aromatherapy. As a powerful circulatory and endocrine stimulant, it is often used to calm inflammation of the veins (phlebitis) or to treat varicose veins. This oil is also used for prostate hyperplasia and congestion of the prostate. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is used to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, trauma, and panic attacks. To balance Qi, massage with a downward motion along the lumbar spine to ground defensive energy and contain excessive immune response.

Aromatic Notes

Earthy, smoky and tenacious with hints of warm spice.

Direction For Use

Topical use: apply topically diluted in a carrier oil or undiluted

Other uses: used in perfumery, blends, spiritually uplifting.

Benefits of  oil: varicose veins, immune deficiency, coronary support, can relieve stress, emotional traumas and shock

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Botanical Name

Chrysopogon zizanoides