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Original Swiss Aromatics

Neroli from Seville 2023

Neroli from Seville 2023

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This Neroli is from the groves of over 100-year-old Bitter Orange trees outside Seville, distilled by a long established supplier of Seville Oranges to producers of British Marmalade. We have carried the oil from these magnificent trees for over two decades.

The fragrance is narcotic reassuring Neroli. What sets it apart from other, more citrussy specimens is a light note of fresh bread, typical for Neroli from the more northern latitude of Seville.

The image above shows the famous Giralda of Seville with Bitter Orange trees in the foreground demonstrating how much Bitter Orange trees are part of the Seville cityscape.

As the prices for authentic Neroli from the prime regions of origin soared to due to the extremely small harvest in 2017 we were reluctant to purchase, because of the astronomical price. Finally we caved in and secured a small amount of our classic Neroli from Seville. We are aware that the price we need to charge is high, but we felt we could not be entirely without our longstanding staple.

Application: Topical, Inhalation, Perfume

Parts: Flowers

Origin: Spain

Quality: g&a

Botanical: Citrus aurantium

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Botanical Name

Citrus aurantium

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