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Everlasting Comparison Set

Everlasting Comparison Set

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About Our Everlasting Essential Oil Comparison Set

We are often asked about the difference between the Everlasting oils from Bosnia Herzegovina, Corsica, Italy and Province. While all four, actually five (two from different distillers in BiH) have different chemical composition they can be used interchangeably for the purposes of skin and liver healing. We tested the varieties extensively in person and can maybe say as much, that the oils from BiH work extremely well on fresh wounds and scars, for disinfection and tissue regeneration, while the Corsican one showed superior pain relieving qualities on open wounds and burns. It also seems to be highly beneficial in the treatment of old scars. But all in all it really remains a question of personal preference. 

A set of 4 different Everlasting (Helychrisum) oils in 5 ml sizes to experience their subtle differences in fragrance and overall character.

1 x 5ml 4138 Helichrysum, very gentle, Corsica style, but cultivated in Provence.

1 x 5ml 4135 Helichrysum, the splendid oil from Corsica

1 x 5ml 118 Helichrysum, the everyday healing oil from Bosnia

1 x 5ml 4118 Helichchrysum, a different, snappy fresh distillation from Bosnia 

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