Ylang Ylang: The Oil to Release Cramps, Stress and Sorrow

Ylang Ylang: The Oil to Release Cramps, Stress and Sorrow

Ylang Ylang essential oil is an aromatherapy standard originating from many tropical places of north and south of the equator. Among the most important production areas is the region of Nosy Be in Madagascar.

Ylang Ylang is indispensable for aromatherapy for its unrivaled antispasmodic properties and its ability to rebalance the nervous and sexual systems. The oil is an indispensable full-bodied floral with substantial pain relieving qualities. It is composed of terpene alcohols and terpene esters and also more unusual aromatic esters (benzyl benzoate) and ethers (p-cresol methyl ether).

Ylang Ylang has traditionally been fractionated during distillation into four separate oils called Ylang Ylang Extra, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. According to Stephen Arctander there is no standard as to the physical properties of the various fractions. Today the Complete is probably the quality most used in aromatherapy as it is an unabridged cross section of all the components potentially present in the whole Ylang Ylang oil. The last or 3rd fraction, of the distillation, has a higher concentration of heavier components, desirable for everyone who wishes to impart a forceful and lasting Ylang Ylang note into an aromatic synergy

Ylang Ylang The Site: Nosy Be, Madagascar and Rainforest Sites around the World

Ylang Ylang

According to Steffen Arctander the Ylang Ylang tree (Cananga odorata) originates from Indonesia and possibly the Philippines. The name Ylang Ylang is derived from the Tagalog term for wilderness (ilang) alluding to its natural habitat.

Today Ylang Ylang essential oil is produced in the Philippines and Indonesia. But we also have encountered a women's cooperative in Cali Colombia distilling the oil and a very dedicated group of distillers in Ghana producing a most outstanding 'Complete.' The largest production, however, appears to originate from Madagascar and Reunion. 

Therapeutic Properties: Cramps and Sexual Blockages

According to French style aromatherapy this oil has powerful antispasmodic and pain relieving properties. In his lectures, Pierre Franchomme likened this pain relievenig effect of Ylang Ylang on the central nervous system to that of Morphine. In addition the oil is a efficient sedative and it counteracts irregular heartbeat.

French style aromatherapy attributes an activity against frigidity, sexual blockages and weakness to this oil. A suggested blend is composed of Ylang Ylang, Rosewood, Black Spruce and Myrrh. Another suggested synergy for the same purpose is includes Ylang Ylang, Rosewood and Eastern Hemlock.

To chase away sorrow a synergy of Ylang Ylang, Marjoram and Yuzu is suggested.

#753 Ylang Ylang from Ghana

Rarity from Ghana! Recently we were able to secure a small quantity of a true Complete (unfractionated) Ylang Ylang oil from the rainforests of western Ghana. This oil is the product of the full distillation from start to finish, Ylang Ylang like most of us have never smelled before. Round and balanced, intensely floral it is, as one would expect, in a class of its own! Its therapeutic powers are in line with the outstanding fragrance. Immediate headache relief upon sampling the oil has been observed.  Simply smelling this highly unusual oil brings generally positive and uplifting effects.

#153 Ylang Ylang Complete from Magascar

A perfect oil for all blends requiring all the components of Ylang Ylang Ylang to be present.

#46 Ylang Ylang 3 from the Comores Islands

The somewhat higher concentartion of heavy ester components renders this oi perfect to impart a soft and sweet base and also body to very special synergies. Among others these oils blend well with Rosewood, Vetiver, Opoponax, Bergamot and Cinnamon.




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