Osmanthus: The Heavenly Fragrance from China

Osmanthus: The Heavenly Fragrance from China

Osmanthus has been cultivated in China for more than 2500 years. It is indigenous to Southern China and has historically been used to flavor pastry and wine. It was described in The Songs of Chu from the Warring States period as far back as 300 BCE. Li Shizhen, Ming Dynasty physician and author of classic medical texts, states that the Osmanthus flower contains no toxin.

The fragrance of Osmanthus absolute is distinguished by an earthy base note and a very crisp top note supplied by a variety of Ionone components. One is inspired to dream that the fragrance of Osmanthus provides an ethereal bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Fragrance Effects

The old Chinese texts claim that the fragrance of Osmanthus relieves mental pressures, eases pains, relaxes over excitement and removes fear. Pierre Franchomme presented a class for PIA on the psychological effects of fragrance. He gave unforgettable face massages for the participants with highly diluted Osmanthus, demonstrating its psychological dimensions with amazing clarity.

The Site: Guilin

Today Osmanthus production is found in the autonomous region of Guangxi, centered in the areas around Guilin. From here Osmanthus concrete goes to the fragrance houses in Grasse or to fragrance manufacturers in China to be processed into absolute. When speaking of this region it is impossible not to mention the incredibly dramatic scenery of limestone karst hills which extend from Guilin along the Li River to the small town of Yangshuo and beyond.

The spectacular landscape compliments the towering Osmanthus trees and the indigenous Pomelo, Kumquat and Persimmon trees growing abundantly in the wild.

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