Oils of Stunning Authenticity from the Western Hemisphere 2nd Installment: Angelica archangelica - Root and Seed

Oils of Stunning Authenticity from the Western Hemisphere 2nd Installment: Angelica archangelica - Root and Seed

Last week we started our 40 Year Anniversary Celebration with with classic fine Lavender. The 2nd essential oil offering from our vaults and inventory this week is: DEMETER certified Angelica Root and Seed from Bavaria.


Angelica Root and Seed from Bavaria


Due to drought conditions there was no harvest of Angelica Root from our cultivation in Bavaria in 2022 and our producer friend decided to distill the seeds. While the root oil is more pronounced with its earthy fragrance than the seed oil, the latter  still has all the qualities of Angelica assuming a more musky tone as it ages. And it has the advantage of being substantially less expensive. So for our second week of celebration we can offer a very limited quantity of the 2021 harvest of Angelica root from Bavaria as well as the the Angelica Seed oil, distilled 2022 from plants cultivated on the same lot.


Here is the Magic, a combination of spiritual and emotional qualities mixed in with erogeneous and exalting aromas. Deep inhalation of these Angelica oils will hypnotically calm and ground you allowing to let go of tension and worry. Angelica makes the user go back to their origins, to their roots, to emerge peaceful and serene. Angelica creates peaceful thoughts that will enable one to make decisions that were previously elusive.


The other irresistible quality of Angelica oil is their musk like fragrance. This is a consequence of the presence of small concentrations of Cyclopentadecanolid, a natural plant musk odorant also found in the animal product coming from the musk deer. According  to Paul Jellineks Fragrance system musk is the classic “exalting” fragrance, a synthesis between erogenous and stimulant. The Seed oil is maybe a bit less direct at first whiff, but it has a sensational dry out also displaying powerful musk notes.


Its unique fragrance earned Angelica a spot to become one of the three components of classic Chypre compositions, the other two being Bergamot and Jasmine.


To continue the festivities we offer a 25% discount on our Angelica Seed SKU5013 and also on a very limited quantity of Angelica Root SKU168!


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