Lavandin Oils: Indispensable

Lavandin Oils: Indispensable

This is the time of the year for essential oils of the newest crop to arrive. In the coming weeks we shall highlight some of our favorite seasonal arrivals. This week we shall look at two oils indispensable for therapeutically oriented aromatherapy: Lavandin grosso and Lavandin super. Today most of the cultivated areas of Provence are planted with types of Lavandin ( Lavandula x hybrida), a hybrid between True Lavender ( Lavandula angustifolia) and Spike Lavender ( Lavandula spica). Lavandins are essential oils with highly beneficial qualities at very reasonable cost.

The Site: Abbey de Sénanque, Provence

The Cistercian monks of the Abbey de Sénanque have chosen to plant Lavandin in the fields leading to the Abbey. One could postulate the austere lifestyle of the famous 11th century order is reflected in the oils of the plant: Highly efficient without needless ornamentation.

Therapeutic Properties

According to French style aromatherapy authors, Lavandin oils are powerful antispasmodic agents, muscle relaxants, hypotensive, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. These qualities available at a moderate cost make them perfect main ingredients for blends meant to calm, cool and to release tensions.


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