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Red Champaca Absolute: The Tropical Luxury

The Champaca tree (Magnolia champaca) exudes a fragrance that has fascinated people living in the Indomalayan biogeographic realm for thousands of years. As is the case with many other tropical florals, Champaca flowers have been used by local populations to perfume linen, as a scent for hair oil and other grooming purposes. The origin of the species name Champaca is the Sanskrit word Campaka (चम्पक).


The Site: South East Asia

The tree is native to South and South East Asia, especially India and southern Xizang.

In Theravada Buddhism, the Champaca tree is said to be associated with achieving enlightenment. According to Tibetan beliefs, the Buddha of the next era will find enlightenment under the flowering canopy of a Champaca tree.

Perfumistic Aspects

Jean Patou’s famous perfume JOY, perhaps the most successful in the world after Chanel No. 5, is the most prominent to feature notable proportions of Champaca Absolute.

The aroma is a fascinating example of the confluence of deep fragrance with religion and ritual. It is even prescribed in the Dharmashastra that kings plant this tree for the benefit of those under his rule. It is said to be one of the flowers conjured by Vasanta in an attempt to charm Śiva reflecting the deep cultural roots associated with this tree and its fragrance.

#26 Red Champaca Absolute

Red Champaca Absolute is one of the rarer products in the world of natural fragrances. This particular specimen is extracted by our trusted producers in Sri Lanka who also prepare our Blue Lotus Absolute. The fragrance of Champaca has a unique character as its exotic, sultry and stunningly luxurious notes arise from components that differ from the familiar animalic indole of Tuberose or Jasmine.

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